February 2024

Signs of Spring

Warm greetings to you all, and happy February! The bees are starting to stir more and more on the warmer days, and, so far, most of our hives seem to have made it through the cold and wet months. They still have a few months to go before the flowers really start popping, but, thus far, things seem promising. Hive loss is a challenging aspect of beekeeping, and the winters in the PNW are particularly difficult for honey bees. They do not thrive in cold and damp conditions, and keeping the varroa mite populations in the hives to a minimum throughout the year is a constant struggle. But spring will be here shortly, and soon we’ll be ready to open up the hives and get them prepped for the honey season ahead!


While we wait for the bees to wake up, we’re still delivering batches of microgreens to Bay Hay and Feed every Friday. Microgreens are a fantastic way to enjoy fresh veggies throughout the winter and make it easy to add greens to any meal. They are also packed with nutrition, flavor, and can elevate even the simplest dish, making it feel fancy and healthy! We typically grow broccoli, a spicy salad mix, peas, and radishes. However, if there is a specific type of microgreen that you’d like to try, let us know via email (contact@beesandgreens.com), and we’ll see if we can add it to the rotation!


Sweet Potatoes, Popcorn, Beans

Since we had some success with our sweet potatoes last year, we plan on growing them again this season. We are also going to try adding popcorn and a few varieties of dried beans. We enjoy growing things that store well throughout the year, and we are still working our way through the pile of sweet potatoes from the fall in pretty much every meal!

Thank you to everyone for following along and supporting us (and the bees!) We hope your winter season has been relaxing, and we look forward to sharing another season of honey and produce with you all!