March 2023

Sweet Potatoes!

This year we’re going to try growing sweet potatoes, along with the mushrooms and microgreens. They have a long growing season but hopefully this Fall we’ll be drowning in orange and purple sweet potatoes!


What are the bees up to?

The bees are bringing in loads of pollen, likely from the Filbert trees. They should be ramping up their brood production and getting ready for the hive population to grow again after the long Winter. They are anxious for warmer weathers and blooming flowers. Please let your Dandelions and other native flowers bloom this time of year so all of our pollinators can get some much-needed nutrition.


What are the beekeepers up to?

We are ramping up for the outdoor growing season. Meanwhile the indoor growing season continues forward, and our microgreens should be regularly available over at Bay Hay and Feed. We also take oyster mushrooms over whenever we have them. We’ll be adding a few baby chicks to our small flock this year, and also planning on adding a few more beehives to the mix this year, so hopefully we’ll have more honey for sale later in the year as well.

Thanks for following along, and we hope your Spring season is off to a great start!