November 2023

Sweet Potatoes

We’re entering the most sweet potato time of year! While we’ve been eating a lot of sweet potatoes ever since they came out of the ground a couple months ago (air fryer sweet potato fries and sweet potato, lentil, peanut butter stew have been some of our go-to favorites), we know lots of people only eat them at Thanksgiving. Whichever camp you fall into, you can still stock up at Bay Hay and Feed this week!

Thanks to everyone who’s been buying our sweet potatoes from Bay Hay & Feed or from Betsey at the Bainbridge Farmer’s market. It brings us a lot of joy to know folks have been enjoying them. As always, you can find your microgreens there as well!

What are the bees up to?

The bees are mostly settled in for the winter. Winter bees have more fat and live longer than summer bees, and they have plenty of food stores in their hive to get them through until spring. They don’t actually hibernate though - on sunny or warmer days (like today!) you’ll still see them out and about a bit. We actually noticed some pollen going into the hives today, which was a fun surprise. The best thing we can do for them right now is mostly to leave them alone - too much tinkering will just make their jobs (keeping the hive warm and dry) harder.

What are the beekeepers up to?

It’s a quieter time of year. We’re starting to think about and plan for the next growing season and folding all of these glorious fall leaves into our compost pile to get that C:N ratio back in balance (we also collect coffee grounds from the Rolling Bay Cafe, this plus the leaves make for a beautiful steamy pile that we know will grow some good eats next season). But we’re also building fires in our wood stove and reading books and going for lots of walks. We visited Justin’s family in Ohio last week, and will enjoy a meal with Adrienne’s family this week. We hope that whatever is on your plate in the coming weeks (literally or metaphorically), brings you some rest and community.